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23 New NYC School Buildings Open

23 new school buildings with more than 13,000 seats will open at the start of the 2009-10 school year Sept. 9th. This new construction, along with the 18 new buildings opened last year, represents the most-ever new classroom seats to come on line in a two-year period since the School Construction Authority was created in 1988.

Between 2002 and 2012, the Department of Education is on track to construct more than 110,000 new school seats across the City, with more than 82,000 seats already completed. These seats will reduce pockets of overcrowding, and will ensure that students have the opportunity to learn in modern facilities fully equipped to prepare them for success.

The School Construction Authority’s implementation of the City’s largest-ever Capital Plan earned the agency the title of New York Construction magazine’s “Owner of the Year” for 2009, a prestigious designation awarded to the region’s best builder.

Since 2002, the City has:

  • Reduced pockets of overcrowding in every borough
  • Constructed more than 82,000 new school seats
  • Reduced the price per square foot for construction by the equivalent of 28 percent (adjusted for inflation)
  • Implemented aggressive “green” building standards to ensure new school buildings are environmentally-sound
  • Conducted renovations in 85 percent of school buildings
  • Funded the construction of 280 science labs

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