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40 Riverside Boulevard - The Glassiest Tower

Courtesy of Goldstein Hill & West 

Riverside Boulevard one of the last residential buildings at Riverside South will be considerably glassier than it's neighbors to the north according to the project's designers at Goldstein Hill & West Architects.

The 650,000-square-foot residential tower at 40 Riverside Blvd. will be 33-stories high and boast more glass than any of the other new buildings north of it according to Stephen Hill, a partner at Goldstein Hill & West Architects.

Mr. Hill has been involved in developing Riverside South since 1995, first under his former employer Costas Kondyllis & Partners,  and now under his own firm Goldstein Hill & West. To date, he has worked on 10 of the projects, most recently, helping developer Extell Development design residential towers The Rushmore, Aldyn and Ashley.

Back in November, I reported in this blog Riverside Center Development Approved. Riverside Center, the final piece of the Riverside South community received city approval for Extell to build Riverside Center, a proposed 3.1 million-square-foot, mixed-use property consisting of five high-rise towers on the southern end of the site, between West 59th and West 61st streets. Riverside Center will provide the neighborhood with much-needed infrastructure, amenities and open space including a new 150,000-square-foot school.

Rendering Riverside Center

Riverside Center will be built on an eight-acre parking lot and former rail yard. Riverside Center will be built directly south of The Aldyn, Extell's new 40-story luxury condominium and rental building, now selling on Riverside Boulevard.


  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2013

    Is there any update on 40 Riverside condo?

  2. It would be NICE if the project was AIMED at MIDDLE INCOME AFFORDABLE
    at 80% and/or 100% AMI. So that the Teachers, etc. that are Service Government
    workers can STAY and LIVE in NYC instead of ALWAYS providing Affordable
    Housing to LOW-INCOME population!


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