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Hotel Des Artistes - 1 West 67th Street

Originally built to house painters and sculptors, this beautiful 1918 building - with studios that feature double-height windows and wonderful light - quickly began to draw artistic residents from other fields.

In 1922 Rudolph Valentino America's hottest movie star at the time rented a bachelor pad at Des Artistes, even though he was married to his second wife, Natasha Rambova at the time. Actually he was still married to his first wife, Jean Acker because his divorce in California would not be final until the following year.

Valentino was charged with bigamy in California. Fed up with Hollywood's provincialism, Valentino and Natasha escaped to New York. Not wanting any more trouble from the authorities Valentino moved into des Artistes alone. Natasha resided with an aunt who lived on the same west 67th street block.

Besides Valentino, des Artistes famous former and current residents included artist Norman Rockwell, playwright Noel Coward and former NYC mayor John Lindsay.

On the ground floor of the Hotel des Artistes is the elegant Cafe des Artistes - noted for it's naughty murals by resident Howard Chandler Christy.

As of this writing there is currently one active listing at the Hotel des Artistes.

A large 1 bedroom duplex, plus home office or Den, with 2 baths. Original wood paneling in living room and all original details throughout the apartment.

Price: $1,630,000 - monthly maintenance: $1277.

Hotel des Artistes converted to a coo-op in 1970. Building amenities include a Garden; Fitness Room; Pool; Laundry Room; Rooftop Deck;

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  3. I also have to add that someone with as convulted a love life as Valentino certainly needed a lot of housing options LOL

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