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New York City Apartment Terminology A-Z

Manhattan, New York City  Apartment Terminology

Alcove: an area adjoining the living room which can be used for a dining area or be separated or closed off to make a bedroom, den, or office.

Classic: in a pre-war building, an apartment that has a formal dining room, and, in a larger apartment, one or two maids' rooms. A "classic 6", for example, is a six-room apartment in a pre-war building that has a living room, formal dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen, maid's room, and 1, 2, or 3 baths. In the larger classics, it is common to find the smaller maids' rooms combined into one larger room. Frequently, pre-war buildings have been gutted and "rehabbed," but room counts and layouts will usually be listed according to their original configuration.

Convertible, Flex or Junior: an apartment with an alcove off the living room that can be converted to another bedroom or used as a dining area. A "convertible two-bedroom" or "flex two" is a one-bedroom apartment with a large alcove and one or two bathrooms.

Duplex: Two floors in an apartment.

Flex: see "convertible" or "junior"

Floor Plan: Apartment layout

Floor-through: A whole floor of a building. Usually in brownstones and townhouses. 

Foyer: Entry Hallway    

Furnished Units: apartments, which are fully equipped with furniture and amenities. Such apartments are for long or short-term leases.

Junior:  a "junior 4" would be a potential 4- room apartment: (original 3.5 rooms) living room, bedroom, kitchen, and alcove area (bathroom is not counted as a room). a"junior 1" would be a potential 3 -room apartment: living room with alcove (original 2.5 rooms)

Loft area: sometimes found in an apartment with high ceilings. It is typically an area, accessible by a ladder or small staircase, which has been built for storage or as an extra sleeping or living area.

Loft: Large open space usually in a converted industrial building.

Maid's Room: Small Room for Maid. Can be used as an office, small bedroom, or laundry room.

Maisonette: A ground-floor or 1st-floor apartment that has a street-level and private entry.

Mini Loft: New millennium name for a studio without an alcove.

One-bedroom: A one-bedroom is a three-room apartment (kitchen, living room, and bedroom). A one-bedroom with a windowed alcove large enough to be a bedroom is called a "junior 4 (4 rooms), "flex 2" or "convertible 2" (convertible to two bedrooms).

Penthouse: Top floor of the building can be any size apartment, and usually has outdoor space.

Pied-a-terre: An apartment in NYC that is not the owner's primary residence it is the owner's NYC apartment.

Simplex: One floor in an apartment (flat)

Studio: a studio is a two-room apartment (the kitchen is considered one room). An "alcove studio" is a studio with an alcove for dining or sleeping. A studio with a windowed alcove large enough to be a bedroom can be referred to as a "junior one-bedroom" or "junior 3" (three rooms).

Triplex: Three floors in an apartment.

Two-bedroom: a two-bedroom can be a four, five or six-room apartment. A "flex 3" or "convertible 3" is a two-bedroom apartment with space for an additional room (third bedroom, dining room, den, maid's room, home office, etc.)

Three -Bedroom and up: a three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartment.

New York City Building Terminology


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