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Apr 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! Go Green

Our Planet Earth 
photos courtesy of Astronaut Sunita Williams

Go Green for Earth Day!


PLANYC is a NYC sustainability program, PlaNYC,  encourages businesses, universities and other private organizations to cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and reduce the impact of climate change.

Ten companies will participate in the Carbon Challenge and commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their offices by up to 40 percent in the next 10 years. 

They include: American International Group, BlackRock, Bloomberg LP, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Google, JetBlue Airways, JPMorgan Chase, and PVH. 

The companies join 17 universities with more than 35 campuses that accepted the Carbon Challenge when it began in 2007, and the 11 largest hospital organizations that joined in 2009. 

The Carbon Challenge builds on the City’s own goal to cut emissions in municipal buildings by 30 percent by 2017 and will help meet the PlaNYC target to reduce emissions citywide by 30 percent in 2030.

The City of New York is more than halfway to meeting its goal, having achieved 16 percent of its emissions in the last six years.

 What are you doing to make our planet greener?


Apr 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day! Greener Greater New York City!


Mayor Michael Bloomberg introduced new initiatives to the city's long-term sustainability plan, PlaNYC, yesterday in anticipation of Earth Day today. 

A Greener, Greater New York that assessed the progress of PlaNYC since its launch four years ago and charted a new direction for the City's future. The update was presented at the Harlem Stage, a performing arts venue inside Harlem's Gatehouse, part of the Croton reservoir system built in 1890 and still in-service as part of New York's water supply network today

You may be surprised to learn that New York City is one of the most energy-efficient places in the United States, consuming a quarter of the national average in energy consumption and emitting a quarter of the national average of carbon dioxide, according to Columbia University’s Earth Institute. Large cities such as New York may be the future of sustainability in general.

Downtown Manhattan is quickly becoming the world's greenest and most dynamic urban community. 7 World Trade Center lease, is the first to incorporate groundbreaking language crafted by real estate industry leaders working with the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability to promote enhanced energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Under traditional leases, building owners are responsible for the upfront cost of energy efficiency improvements. Tenants, however, are the immediate beneficiaries of those upgrades, in the form of reduced energy costs.  Because owners do not share in the benefit, they have little incentive to invest in energy upgrades. The new commercial lease language allows tenants and owners, to share the costs, as well as the benefits, of energy efficiency improvements. "When it is fully realized, this ‘Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, the first of its kind in our nation – will be the equivalent of making a city the size of Oakland, California completely carbon neutral.” according to mayor Bloomberg.

PlaNYC and the Mayor’s Office today launched a new social media tool called “Change by Us.” The tool encourages and enables New Yorkers to improve their communities by connecting them with the tools, resources, and people needed to turn ideas into reality.
Starting today, and again frequently throughout the year, the City will pose a question that residents can respond to by text message or through the Change by Us web and mobile sites. The first question asks how we can we make our City greener through projects such as :
  • Storm water management
  • Brownfield cleanup
  • Parks stewardship
  • Creation of new open spaces
  • Energy efficiency
  • Local air quality
  • Community composting
The site launched today in preview mode for select community-based organizations. After the preview period the City will open the site to the general public. Change by Us will become a powerful tool for New Yorkers to tell the City how they can make the their communities better.

PlaNYC has ten chapters and each one has an overarching goal:

Energy: Reduce consumption and make our energy systems cleaner and more reliable

Air Quality: Achieve the cleanest air quality of any big U.S. city

Solid Waste: Divert 75% of our solid waste from landfills

Climate Change: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30%

Climate Change: Increase the resilience of our communities, natural systems, and infrastructure to climate risks

Transportation: Expand sustainable transportation choices and ensure the reliability and quality of our transportation network

Housing & Neighborhoods: Create homes for almost a million more New Yorkers while making housing and neighborhoods more affordable and sustainable

Parks & Public Spaces:  Ensure all New Yorkers live within a ten-minute walk of a park
Brownfield Remediation: Clean up all contaminated land in New York City

Waterways: Improve the quality of New York City’s waterways to increase opportunities for recreation and restore coastal ecosystems

Water Supply: Ensure the high quality and reliability of our water supply system

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Jun 11, 2010

NYC SolarTax Abatements

update 12/7/2013

NYC Goal of Reducing Carbon Emissions by 30% by 2030

New York City and Sustainable CUNY have created three Solar Empowerment Zones, strategically selected areas where solar power systems are most beneficial and technically viable, and where development of solar power will be encouraged. Solar power is a reliable, renewable source of electricity for New York City that reduces demand on the City's electrical grid. 

 New York City has over 1.6 billion square feet of rooftops. 

The three Solar Empowerment Zones - on the East Shore of Staten Island, in Downtown Brooklyn, and in Brooklyn's Greenpoint-Gateway section-were designed to reduce peak electricity demand and the associated pollution from dirty plants that operate when demand is at its highest, while also potentially deferring or eliminating the need for costly upgrades to the electrical system. 

Solar Panel Tax Abatements & Installations
Record Number of New Yorkers Have Applied for Solar Panel Abatements in 2010. To encourage the use of sustainable technology, the City offers property tax abatements to property owners that install solar panels on their building's rooftops. 

This year, property owners will receive a property tax abatement of 35% of the eligible expenditures over four years with a maximum abatement of $62,500 per year for four years or the building's annual tax liability, whichever is less.

Under the solar panel tax abatement program, solar panels have been installed at 25 buildings across the City, five times the number of systems approved and installed last year. Savings from these installations vary on the size and type of the building.  A single-family house can save approximately $2,600 a year on energy costs.  Property owners can also receive rebates from their utility company

Building owners interested in learning more about the City's sustainable initiatives can visit for more information.


Feb 28, 2010

Build The Station: West 41st & Tenth

As work proceeds on a $2-billion extension of the No. 7 subway line, which currently bypasses a station previously planned for West 41st Street and Tenth Avenue, the Real Estate Board of New York has brought together a coalition to restore the subway stop.

The group is seeking federal funds to give the 7 line two stops west of its current terminus at Times Square, and has launched a website,, to help publicize the campaign.

Currently, the only station planned for the 7 extension is slated for 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue, near the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The West 41st stop was scrapped in 2008 after the Hudson Yards Development Corp. said the funding wasn’t there to build two stations.

The station is a shovel ready, green transportation infrastructure project that would take three years to complete.

sign the petition

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Grand Central Terminal


Dec 9, 2009

New York City Passes Green Legislation

New York Becomes First American City to Begin a Comprehensive and Mandatory Effort to Reduce Emissions from Large Existing Buildings

Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn today announced the passage of landmark legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing government, commercial, and residential buildings in New York City.

The four bills passed today include:
  • Int. No. 564-A: Legislation that creates a New York City Energy Code that existing buildings will have to meet whenever they make renovations;
  • Int. No. 476-A: Legislation that requires large buildings owners to make an annual benchmark analysis of energy consumption so that owners, tenants, and potential tenants can compare buildings’ energy consumption;
  • Int. No. 973-A: Legislation that requires large commercial buildings (over 50,000 square feet) to upgrade their lighting and sub-meter tenant spaces over 10,000 square feet; and
  • Int. No. 967-A: Legislation that requires large private buildings to conduct energy audits once every decade and implement energy efficient maintenance practices. Also, all city-owned buildings over 10,000 sq ft will be required to conduct audits and complete energy retrofits that pay for themselves within 7-years.


Sep 26, 2009

NYC Residential Buildings "Go Green"

Landlords and supers of NYC residential buildings are being trained to "go green."
The mayor joined real estate industry leaders yesterday to launch an eco-friendly buildings program to reduce energy waste, operating costs and harm to the environment.
The training program for landlords, supers and building managers will encourage energy efficient practices, including sealing up cracks that allow air to escape, finding and fixing leaky faucets and installing more efficient lighting controls.
"Building supers could save New Yorkers an estimated $230 million every year. If every single one of our large residential buildings took these small steps and received just a 10-percent energy saving, the greenhouse gas reductions would be phenomenal. It would be like taking 150,000 vehicles off the road," said the mayor.

About 1,000 supers and managers are expected to take part in the program.
Click here to receive apartment listings in new green developments. Write "green" in the comment section.


Sep 25, 2009

"NYC Cool Roofs"

Mayor Bloomberg and former Vice President and founder of the Alliance for Climate Protection Al Gore launched a NYC service initiative, “NYC Cool Roofs,” a volunteer program to coat the rooftops of participating buildings with reflective, white coating to reduce cooling costs, energy usage and greenhouse emissions.
Cool Roofs can reduce roof temperatures by 60 degres and indoor temperatures by 10 to 20 degrees. "NYC Cool Roofs" program mobilizes volunteers to coat building rooftops.

The program will help the city achieve PlaNYC goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

The City’s new building code, enacted by the Bloomberg Administration in 2008, requires most new roofs built in New York City to have 75 percent of the roof area covered with reflective, white coating or to be ENERGY STAR® rated as highly reflective.

New Yorkers interested in giving back by working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can become an NYC Cool Roofs volunteer by visiting or calling 311. Building owners and homeowners that wish to reduce their own energy costs and reduce their own carbon footprint, can also visit or call 311 to learn how to coat their own roof with reflective, white coating.


Apr 10, 2009

Nation's First Multi-Story Green Industrial Facility Opens In NYC

The nation's first multi-story green industrial facility opened at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Mayor Bloomberg also announced the creation of Duggal Greenhouse, a 60,000-square-foot LEED Platinum certified facility that will be used to manufacture eco-friendly products and will become a laboratory for new sustainable products.

These and other green initiatives underway at the Navy Yard will create 1,700 new permanent jobs, 40 percent of which will be green industry jobs. The projects will also create more than 800 construction jobs.

The expansion of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and creation of green sector jobs is part of the City's Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan to create jobs for New Yorkers today, implement a vision for long-term economic growth, and build affordable, attractive neighborhoods.

The $25 million Perry Avenue Building, which is on track to receive LEED Gold certification, features the first permanent building-mounted wind turbines to be operating anywhere in New York City. Along with the building's rooftop solar panels, the turbines will provide electricity for the building's lobby and other common areas.

The facility incorporates other green features such as reflective roofing and pavement to reduce surface temperatures, the use of recycled rain water in toilets, recycled building materials, high-efficiency lighting fixtures, natural ventilation systems and special accommodation for bicyclists and low-emission vehicles. The three-story, 89,000-square-foot Perry Building will be leased to SurroundArt, which will create a Museum Resource Campus to serve the art industry and institutions in New York City and beyond.

For more information: Complete Press Release


Mar 28, 2009

Lights Out: NYC Landmarks Gong Green Tonight

New York City's landmark buildings and landmarks around the world will turn their lights off tonight to help stop climate change.

Beginning at 8:30 p.m., the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Times Square billboards and the decorative light necklaces on East River bridges will shut off their lights for an hour as part of a global initiative called Lights Out Action For Climate Change.

About 100 countries are participating in the World Wildlife Fund event. Other landmarks going dark include the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids, the Acropolis and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Public safety lighting will remain turned on.

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Jan 3, 2009

Tips for Greening Your Manhattan Apartment

In spite of the cold weather, "Be Cool" Go Green!
Here are some simple ideas that will help the environment and might actually save you money.
  1. Recycle according to your building's guidelines.
  2. Upgrade appliances. Modern appliances are more efficient than older ones.
  3. Unplug chargers and appliances such as VCR or a coffee maker when you're not using them. Believe it or not, left plugged, these appliances take up energy. You'll actually save on your electric bill. And when buying appliances, look for the "Energy Star" label.
  4. Switch to a green energy provider: or call 866-GRN-POWR
  5. Switch to ENERGY-STAR - qualified compact flouresent light bulbs (CFLs)
  6. Bring a cloth or canvas bag to the supermarket
  7. Switch to paperless bank statements
  8. Recycle unwanted electronics, computers monitors and printers through one of the retailer or manufacturer-sponsored, take-back programs below. Beginning July 2009 NYC law will require all electronics manufacturers to adopt e-recycling programs.
Manufactures Take - Back Programs:
  • Cannon: 800-385-2155
For home renovations, go to, where you can purchase green building materials such as paint, countertops, flooring, cleaning supplies, etc. The has useful, practical everyday living information.
And finally if you're ready to live in a new green (LEED) certified condo recently built or currently under construction in Manhattan - go to my new developments page on my website fill out the buyer form and write green in the comment section. I will send you email listings of green condos that match your buying criteria.
Courtesy of: New York State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal: 212-873-6368 -


Nov 26, 2008

Broadway Goes Green

The Great White Way Turns Into Great Green Way as Broadway Productions Commit to Reducing Carbon Footprint.

Mayor Bloomberg and members of the Broadway community today announced a commitment to "go green" so that Broadway becomes more environmentally responsible as they reduce their carbon footprint. Producers, theatre owners, actors, organized labor, and companies supporting productions will now consider environmental impacts when putting on Broadway shows.

Broadway Goes Green is the next in a series of challenges the Mayor has made to institutions - starting with universities - to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt more sustainable practices to help achieve the PlaNYC goal of reducing the City's carbon footprint 30 percent by 2030.

Nearly a quarter of Broadway theaters have already switched the theaters' marquee lights to more energy-efficient bulbs - and the remaining theaters have pledged to do so within the next 12 months.

Ten Broadway theatres have replaced over 10,000 exterior and interior bulbs and an additional 14 conversions are underway. The rest of the theaters have pledged to do the same within the next 12 months. Steps like these will help to reduce the load on the taxed electrical grid in Midtown Manhattan.

As part of Broadway Goes Green, production shops are offering environmentally preferable materials and are developing plans to recycle or reuse scenery, costumes are being washed in cold water whenever feasible, and re-chargeable batteries are used in sound equipment whenever possible.

Further, touring shows are offsetting the carbon emissions from transporting their equipment through investments in new wind and renewable power projects. Broadway theaters will also hand out tip cards to tell their audiences the things they can do to reduce their carbon footprint at home.


Aug 29, 2008

Green Concrete at Manhattan Construction Sites

Freedom Tower at Ground ZeroA new kind of green concrete is being poured at construction sites all over Manhattan.

The iCrete system has been chosen for many of Manhattan's new high -rises. It touts a 40 percent reduction in green house gases, advanced mix designs, and higher performance and quality control.

The concrete designed for the Freedom Tower at ground zero is the highest strength concrete ever poured in the history of New York.

Less than a year since its introduction at the Freedom Tower the new concrete has been poured in over 30 construction sites from lower Manhattan to the Upper West Side including Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower and 11 Times Square.

Since less cement is required for the iCRETE system it offers physical, material and environmental benefits.


Aug 21, 2008

Wind Turbines on NYC Skyscrapers & Bridges?

The mayor announced this week that the city is asking companies to come up with clean energy ideas, including wind power to fuel NYC. The city, released a Request for Expressions of Interest that will call for innovative ideas to help New York City develop sources of renewable energy.
Mayor Bloomberg speaking at an energy summit in Las Vegas this week spoke about the possibility of placing wind turbines on top of bridges and skyscrapers – saying it would cut the city's electricity needs, save hundreds of millions of dollars, and would ultimately make the city cleaner and more efficient. He also proposed the idea of offshore wind farms, tidal power, solar power and geothermal energy.

"It would be a thing of beauty if, when Lady Liberty looks out on the horizon, she not only welcomes new immigrants to our shores, but lights the way with a torch powered by an ocean wind farm," said Bloomberg.

The mayor said "right now energy is the number one issue in America and criticized both presidential candidates saying: "they're treating us to a political silly season, with one candidate calling for opening up the nation's strategic oil reserves and the other for giving the federal gasoline tax the summer off. For shame--the best that can be said about those ideas is that they're pandering. Far worse, they're distractions from the deadly serious business of creating a new national energy policy".

"PlaNYC - is the 'greenprint' for the city's sustainable future. Because New York - like cities across the nation - is filling the leadership vacuum that Washington has left".

NYC will be grating property tax breaks that encourage private building owners to go solar. And the State will permit New Yorkers who generate their own solar power to sell what they don't use to other power customers - a real economic incentive for renewable energy.

To receive listings of "green" new construction condos in Manhattan fill out the simple form on my new development page and write "green" in the comments section.


May 15, 2008

New Construction: The Laurel - Upper East Side

The Laurel - 400 East 67th Street

Sales are underway at The Laurel a 31-story building designed by Costas Kondylis and Partners. The LEED-certified building has 129 apartments, studio to six bedroom homes ranging from 460 to 4,000 square feet. Prices range from $890,000 to $13,000,000.

The Laurel offers 11,000 SF of amenities, including The Trophy Club, a bi-level fitness and triathlon training center. The club contains two custom designed resistance pools, an Infiniti 50 lap pool, state-of-the-art equipment, sauna, steam room and on-site parking.

The Laurel Club, the buildings exclusive entertainment and recreation area, contains a double-height atrium lounge with plasma TV, sound system, film and book library, screening room, dining/conference room, catering kitchen, toddler craft club house, game room with custom designed pool table and foosball, arcade and computer room.

Anticipated occupancy Fall 2008. To receive current listings at The Laurel or any new development in Manhattan click here


Apr 22, 2008

Green Apple: NYC Celebrates Earth Day

There are plenty of events being organized throughout the city in celebration of Earth Day, including nature walks, lectures, crafts, and concerts. For a full list of activities, go to the New York City Park's Department website,

If you're thinking about easy ways to be green, here are some simple ideas that can actually save you money and help save the environment. suggests the following:
  1. Recycle according to your building's guidelines.
  2. Unplug "ghost appliances such as VCR or a coffee maker when you're not using them.
  3. Believe it or not, left plugged, these appliances take up energy. You'll actually save on your electric bill. And when buying appliances, look for the "Energy Star" label.
    Most notably, Con Ed offers green power to find out more, go to: They are offering a $25 rebate to sign up with this eco-friendly alternative.
  4. And finally, take mass transit whenever possible.
For the ultra "green" enthusiastic, has a downloadable map with information about organic dining, where to buy recycled or organic items such as linens and transportation choices around New York.

For instance, it mentions OZOcar which calls itself NYC's 1st eco-friendly car service with hybrid cars. (877-OZO-5966) or ...when mass transit isn't possible.

For home renovations, go to, where you can purchase green building materials such as paint, countertops, flooring, cleaning supplies, etc.

The has useful, practical everyday living information.

More green tips from : greeNYC

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If you're thinking about living in a new green luxury condo click my new developments page submit the buyer form and write "green" in the comment section. I will send you current email listings of green condos that match your buying criteria.


Feb 9, 2008

The Lucida: Upper East Side's First Green Building

The Lucida at 151 East 85th Street is almost sold out.

The Lucida will be the Upper East Side's first LEED-certified green building.

It will have 18 floors with 110 apartments. Large two- to five-bedroom condominium residences.

Amenities include filtered fresh air. LA PALESTRA's Fitness, Wellness and Spa Center featuring sky-lit indoor pools and fireplace.

The resident lounge is equipped with a catering kitchen for private events, while kids enjoy the adjacent indoor playground designed by Kidville, NY.

Apartment features include: floor-to-ceiling windows, 10-foot high ceilings, chocolate-stained oak floors, finely integrated state-of-the-art appliances, glass-stall showers with nickel silver rain shower and hand spray and cast iron soaking tubs.

Current available apartments range from $2.6 million for a 2 bedroom to $6.5 million for a 3 bedroom penthouse.


Nov 14, 2007

NYC's First-Ever Green School in Battery Park City

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Eliot Spitzer broke ground on a new environmentally-friendly school in Lower Manhattan today. The 950-seat school will be built on the last available plot of land in Battery Park City.

The school, which will be located at 55 Battery Place, will be fully air-conditioned and have 40 classrooms, including 10 for special education students; a kitchen and cafeteria; medical suite; auditorium; library; wireless Internet access; art, science, and music rooms; a 5,400-square-foot gymnasium, and a 1,500-square-foot exercise room with rooftop educational and recreational spaces.

Construction is expected to begin in June 2008, and expected to be completed by September 2010. The new school is being designed by Dattner Architects.

“Over the past six years, this community's population has grown by some 20,000 people and more than 10,000 new units of housing have been opened or are under construction down here. And not surprisingly, the school-age population in this area is also booming,” said the mayor.

The Solaire, the first high-rise residential project to be awarded LEED certification in the nation was built in 2003 in Battery Park City. The Verdesian, which opened last year in BPC is applying for Platinum LEED certification. The Visionaire a green luxury condominium designed by Rafael Pelli who also designed The Solaire and The Verdisan is currently under construction in Battery Park City.


Oct 15, 2007

Blog Action Day - Green NYC


If you're thinking about easy ways to be green, here are some simple ideas that can actually save you money and help save the environment. suggests the following:

  1. Recycle according to your building's guidelines.

  2. Unplug "ghost appliances such as VCR or a coffee maker when you're not using them. Believe it or not, left plugged, these appliances take up energy. You'll actually save on your electric bill. And when buying appliances, look for the "Energy Star" label.

  3. Most notably, Con Ed offers green power to find out more, go to: They are offering a $25 rebate to sign up with this eco-friendly alternative.

  4. And finally, take mass transit whenever possible.

For the ultra "green" enthusiastic, has a downloadable map with information about organic dining, where to buy recycled or organic items such as linens and transportation choices around New York.

For instance, it mentions OZOcar which calls itself NYC's 1st eco-friendly car service with hybrid cars. (877-OZO-5966) or ...when mass transit isn't possible.

For home renovations, go to, where you can purchase green building materials such as paint, countertops, flooring, cleaning supplies, etc.

The has useful, practical everyday living information.

Check out the High Efficency Toilet (HET) from TOTO currently being installed in some new Manhattan developments. Visit TOTO Soho Gallery at 25 Mercer street for the newest flushing technology.

More tips from : greeNYC

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Oct 14, 2007

the VISIONAIRE: Green luxury living in BPC

Sales are currently underway at The Visionaire a new luxury Green Condominium designed by Rafael Pelli on the Battery Park City waterfront.

The 35-story, 251-unit project, which is aiming for Platinum LEED certification, takes a bold step toward closing the gap between commercial and residential green design and builds upon the development/design team's other two Battery Park City green-breaking developments, The Solaire, the first high-rise residential project to be awarded LEED certification in the nation, and The Verdesian, which opened last year and is applying for Platinum LEED certification.

Photovoltaic panels in the facade harvest solar power to generate a portion of the building's electric load. The curtain wall was designed to highlight the river views. Even at the corners of each unit the view is unobstructed.

The Visionaire is another development by the Albanese Organization. Albanese has also developed The Solaire and The Verdesian in Battery Park City. The Visionaire will be the Albanese organization's third green building in Battery Park City and will be built on the last remaining residential plot in BPC.

The building will overlook the Museum of Jewish Heritage and will be distinguished by a curved fa├žade. The Battery Park City Parks Conservancy will occupy 40,000 SF of the building.

Exclusive resident-only amenities will include a skylit indoor swimming pool and hot tub; two landscaped roof gardens with private cabanas; rooftop entertainment area featuring built-in grills and wet bar, a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa; a screening room/lounge with fireplace; a private dining area; a children’s playroom and a parking garage.

Anticipated occupancy is Spring 2008. Current available units for sale range from:

  • 686 square foot studio for $795,000
  • 819 square foot One bedroom for $890,000
  • 1356 square foot Two Bedroom for $1,395,000
  • 1681 square foot Three bedroom 2.5 baths for $1,850,000
Contact me for showings or to have listings emailed from the Visionaire or any other Manhattan new development.


May 23, 2007

NYC Yellow Taxis "Green" by 2012

Mayor Bloomberg: Taxi Fleet to Be Fully Hybrid by 2012

Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday as part of PlaNYC, the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) will implement new emissions and mileage standards for yellow taxicabs that will lead to a fully hybrid fleet by 2012 - the largest, cleanest fleet of taxis on the planet. The new standards will be phased in over a four-year period and will reduce the carbon emissions of New York City's taxicab and for-hire vehicle fleet by 50% during the next decade, and will also save individual operators an average of $10,000 a year in fuel costs.

Read the press release


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