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Wind Turbines on NYC Skyscrapers & Bridges?

The mayor announced this week that the city is asking companies to come up with clean energy ideas, including wind power to fuel NYC. The city, released a Request for Expressions of Interest that will call for innovative ideas to help New York City develop sources of renewable energy.
Mayor Bloomberg speaking at an energy summit in Las Vegas this week spoke about the possibility of placing wind turbines on top of bridges and skyscrapers – saying it would cut the city's electricity needs, save hundreds of millions of dollars, and would ultimately make the city cleaner and more efficient. He also proposed the idea of offshore wind farms, tidal power, solar power and geothermal energy.

"It would be a thing of beauty if, when Lady Liberty looks out on the horizon, she not only welcomes new immigrants to our shores, but lights the way with a torch powered by an ocean wind farm," said Bloomberg.

The mayor said "right now energy is the number one issue in America and criticized both presidential candidates saying: "they're treating us to a political silly season, with one candidate calling for opening up the nation's strategic oil reserves and the other for giving the federal gasoline tax the summer off. For shame--the best that can be said about those ideas is that they're pandering. Far worse, they're distractions from the deadly serious business of creating a new national energy policy".

"PlaNYC - is the 'greenprint' for the city's sustainable future. Because New York - like cities across the nation - is filling the leadership vacuum that Washington has left".

NYC will be grating property tax breaks that encourage private building owners to go solar. And the State will permit New Yorkers who generate their own solar power to sell what they don't use to other power customers - a real economic incentive for renewable energy.

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