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NYC Residential Buildings "Go Green"

Landlords and supers of NYC residential buildings are being trained to "go green."
The mayor joined real estate industry leaders yesterday to launch an eco-friendly buildings program to reduce energy waste, operating costs and harm to the environment.
The training program for landlords, supers and building managers will encourage energy efficient practices, including sealing up cracks that allow air to escape, finding and fixing leaky faucets and installing more efficient lighting controls.
"Building supers could save New Yorkers an estimated $230 million every year. If every single one of our large residential buildings took these small steps and received just a 10-percent energy saving, the greenhouse gas reductions would be phenomenal. It would be like taking 150,000 vehicles off the road," said the mayor.

About 1,000 supers and managers are expected to take part in the program.
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  1. This is good news. We can only hope that NYC residential bldg owners will take action regarding this..

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