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Hell's Kitchen | Manhattan Neighborhood

Clinton - Hells Kitchen 

456 West 50th Street, Hell's Kitchen
                                                    Featured Listing - 456 West 50th Street

Some still argue about the exact boundaries of Hell's Kitchen, but it's commonly considered to run from 34th to 59th Streets and from Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River. The area is also known as Clinton and long-time residents use the two terms interchangeably. East of Eighth Avenue including Carnegie Hall and Time Square is considered midtown west.

Hells Kitchen has always been a neighborhood, made up of blue-collar families in walk-up railroad flats and theatre people who wanted to live close to where they work. For several decades the neighborhood has been changing. It has become gentrified and trendy. New condo construction along with many new restaurants and bars have opened in the vibrant desirable convenient neighborhood.

For the past century, the typical apartment was a walkup tenement now it's a luxury rental or condo with post-modern finishes: grand lobbies, lots of granite, lots of glass, high-speed Internet access and health club and 

Hell's Kitchen has many different types of apartments from walk-up coops to townhouses to renovated lofts to ultra-luxury high-rise condos. The eclectic neighborhood has some great restaurants, bars, nightclubs, Broadway, and off-Broadway theatres.



  • C E at 50th St

    0.3 miles

  • A C E at 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal

    0.41 miles

  • 1 at 50th St

    0.42 miles

  • A C B D 1 at 59th St-Columbus Circle

    0.45 miles

  • N R W at 49th St

    0.47 miles

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