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Manhattan Apartments with Pools | Downtown

Manhattan Apartments with Pools.

Condos and Coops with Pools in Chelsea | West Village | Meatpacking District

Most Manhattan apartment buildings are pre-war and were rarely built with pools. There are a few exceptions like the 1930 London Terrace complex in Chelsea. 

Today many new developments are including lap pools, so there are more pools in luxury condos and condops than ever before.

According to Corcoran's consumer report, 37%, the largest margin said a building with a pool is a top priority amenity for them.

This updated revised post is the third in a series featuring Manhattan Apartments (condos, condops  and coops) with pools. This post will focus on Chelsea, West Chelsea, Greenwich Village neighborhoods.

London Terrace
W 23rd W 24th Streets
(9th & 10th Avenues)
coop and rental units
Built: 1930
17 Floors - 10 Buildings
 1663 Units

 100 Eleventh Avenue
(West 19th Street)
Built 2007
23 Floors 72 Apartments

133 West 22nd Street
 Built: 2007
13 Floors -100 Apartments


Yves Chelsea
 166 West 18th Street
Built: 2008
140 Floors - 41 Apartments

165 Charles
(West Village)
Built 2004 
 16 stories 31 apartments

150 Charles
(West Village)
Built 2013
15 stories  
 91 units

385 West 12th Street
(Meatpacking District)
Built 2007
7 stories 12 units

421 Hudson Street
Built 1900
converted to condo 1987
2013 new unit renovations
8 Floors 183 loft apartments

 The A Building
425 East 13th Street
(East Village)
Condo built 2007
  8 Stories 96 units

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Manhattan Condos and Condops with Pools on the Upper West Side

Manhattan Condos with Pools in  Lincoln Square - Clinton - Hell's Kitchen - Columbus Circle

Listings with pools

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