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UWS Skyline Future | Zoning Vote Monday

Nearly 40 community boards across the city and the Bronx Borough President had voted against Mayor de Blasio's zoning proposals... but he still says they will move ahead.

The next critical vote on Mayor de Blasio's proposed zoning amendments (called "Zoning for Quality & Affordability" and "Mandatory Inclusionary Housing") is about to take place -  Monday November 30th the day after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 
Central Park West Skyline: Potential Future Tower Development


Landmark West, The Committee to preserve the Upper West Side is urging it's members and the community to contact Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Community Boards (who comprise the Manhattan Borough Board) immediately! Urging them to "stand against developer-driven height increases that would transform the character of our city's neighborhoods by allowing out-of-scale buildings, eliminating existing affordable housing and pushing out small businesses"

Upper West Side zoning currently does not permit buildings to be taller than approximately 20 stories between 72nd and 96th Streets except the Emery Roth Art Deco Twin Tower buildings from the 1930's on Central Park West. The set back towers can go up to 30 floors.
Central Park West, reflected in lake 1932
Source: Gottscho, Samuel H, photographer. Courtesy of Gottscho-Schleisner Collection (Library of Congress)

Architect and historian Robert A.M. Stern called buildings like these "…a chain of monumental gateways to the West Side…a testament to the low-scale Classical urbanism of the City Beautiful movement." (letter dated January 13, 1984)  

LANDMARK WEST! asked BFJ Planning to review Mayor De Blasio's City Planning proposals "Zoning for Quality and Affordability" and "Mandatory Inclusionary Housing".  Click here for a copy of their full critique.


Hon. Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President 
Phone: (212) 669-8300

Manhattan Community Board 7
Phone:  212-362-4008

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