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711 WEA | Condos & Rent Stabilized Apartments

 Thinking outside the box?

711 West End Avenue an unusual project is being developed by Kaled Management and developer P2B Ventures on West End Avenue on the Upper West Side. The developer will work around rent-stabilized tenants by building luxury condos on top of them.

Rendering 711 West End Avenue
711 West End Avenue on the Upper West Side approved by the Department of Buildings one day before the avenue was landmarked, to construct a 10-story luxury condominium on top of their 6-story, circa-1952 brick apartment building. 

The top 10 floors will sit on a steel and concrete platform supported by a crisscrossing steel super structure surrounding but not touching the lower building. Other than the shaft for a new elevator and fire stairs that will run from the lobby to the new eighth floor, the buildings are totally separate.
10 story condominium is planned above the existing seven-story building
Because the existing building's 144 apartments are stabilized, the developer doesn't have the legal right to evict tenants from the building for a ground-up renovation. Their solution involves digging trenches for 18 multi-ton pilings around the existing structure. These pilings will support a steel and concrete platform, which will hover six feet above the roof of the existing building, and will be topped with 10 additional stories of condos. According to the NY Times, "the facade of the Art Deco-inspired addition will obscure the gap" between the old structure, and the new.

The project is being developed by Kaled Management and developer P2B Ventures. A website for the project describes the project. The new structure will kind of hover above the existing structure, and The NY Times explains "it would essentially sit not atop the old building, but above it, with its bottom floor hovering more than 80 feet in the air."

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