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NYC Legal Bedrooms and Lot Line Windows

New York City Legal Bedrooms and Lot Line Windows

Q: What is a legal bedroom?

A: It must have light and ventilation. Must have a window overlooking a street or garden. Lot line Windows do not count. Lot line windows are windows on sides of building that might be blocked by construction next door.
A legal bedroom can't serve as dining room or passage to another room. If a windowed room is called "office" it is a red flag that the room does not have the required light and ventilation to be considered a bedroom. It's a lot line window.

Q: What are lot line windows? 

A window existing on the wall of a building that is on or in close proximity to the interior or side property lines of a building.

If adjacent property owner constructs a building that blocks the lot line window, that window will likely have to be closed if it's within 30 feet of the lot line window.

Review Offering Plan, "Special Risks" section to determine if Lot Line windows are present.

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