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The Paris 752 West End Avenue Going Condo


752 West End Ave | The Paris

The Paris Hotel at 97th Street and West End Avenue is going condo. Built in 1929 and opened as a hotel in 1931 has been a rental building since the 1980's.

Many of the apartments have been renovated  and it is currently being turned into affordable apartments for sale with Bosch washer/dryers, marble bathrooms and red-oak flooring.

The Art Deco architecture features fantastic setbacks that lead to it's tower. In the 1980's The Paris Hotel converted to rental apartments. The pool and gymnasium became The Paris Health Club, one of the first health clubs on the Upper West Side. 

The building is 25 stories with 219 apartments with laundry facilities on every floor.

The NY Post reported expected pricing has studios starting at $389,000, one-bedrooms at $497,000 and two-bedrooms at $895,000. Some units have terraces. Featuring a renovated lobby, 24-hour doorman and gym with pool and spinning room, the building is ready for immediate occupancy.

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  1. Interesting and informative post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. the Paris has lousy plumbing (1931 piping with renovation add-ons for the 30 new units created out of the old ones - new plumbing attached to old plumbing and something's gotta give) with constant leaks and breaks that require water to be shut off in whole building - cheap looking corridors. only the lobby got glam treatment.. washers & dryers charge exorbitant prices .. interior walls are like cardboard and some tenants refuse to put carpets/rugs over their "red oak" can hear all the noise your neighbors make. no one has bought an apartment yet.. when former landlord ran low on money, the newer renovations had cheaper appliances and cheaper finished floors (not red oak)..two-tiered luxury but outsiders will never know .. the building has a big defect in the facade (violation cited) which is why a bridge was put up in front and side of the buildng - no work going on to repair it. work stopped inside at ongoing gut renovations in vacated units ..tenants constantly turning over - move ins/move outs weekly. only 2 passenger elevators ... when someone moves one elevator goes out of service .. building is too big for that .. front door is supermarket style, opens by sensor - a dog walking by opens the lobby doors - so lobby is freezing in winter and boiling in summer & tenants have to wait in outside type weather to get onto the elevator .. and god help you if you got a kid, groceries or are real tired - you stand and wait (2 new fancy chairs now in lobby on top of a nice-looking rug)..look before you rent or mortgage .. this isn't a luxury building - only the rents are luxury and the condo prices are absurd .. the offering states square footage in units are estimates from la-la land - total misstatements of living space. the new windows are Skyline and good ones.. the Friedrich ACs, also very good, were installed by the former landlord (new landlords have been here for 2 years).. maintenance staff is overworked because new landlords cut staff ..super is lazy and bot too bright .."concierge" is head spy who runns it all and reports to brooklyn HQ .. when you come look, bring a carload of salt to season your appetite for being misled .. that's Manhattan real estate... go over to Columbus Ave betw 97th and 100th Street for new apartments.

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