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West End Avenue Historic District Approved

The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted yesterday to approve the first phase of the Riverside-West End Avenue historic district. The district, which also includes buildings on Riverside Drive and Broadway, is split into three sections — The LPC approved a partial section of the planned historic district from 79th to 87th Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive

After years of campaigning to designate West End Avenue a historic district WEPS (West End Preservation Society) announced a newly proposed area designation as defined by the Landmarks Preservation Commission on September 15, 2010.

The entire proposed district spans from 70th Street to 109th Street

West End Ave: 70th - 107th Sts

Riverside Drive: 70th - 109th Sts

Parts of Broadway (WS): 70th - 109th Sts

Much of the Cross Streets: 70th - 109th

from RSD to West Side of Broadway

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