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No More New Drugstore Chains and Banks on UWS

 Community Board 7 voted unanimously to approve the city's plan to limit the size of storefronts on the Upper West Side.

Last month I reported that the city’s plan to limit the size of Upper West Side storefronts won approval from Community Board 7′s Land Use Committee. This week it was approved by the full community board.

The plan would rezone the main retail strips on Columbus Avenue, between West 72nd and West 87th streets, and Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway, between West 72nd and West 110th streets. New stores on Columbus and Amsterdam would be limited to 40 feet of frontage. At the same time, the new rules would narrow the frontage allowed for banks to just 25 feet. About 77 blockfronts would be affected.

Existing stores with 40 feet or more frontage will be grandfathered into the plan. About 18% will be grandfathered in. Sort of like rent regulation and rent control for retail tenants.

The Special District regulations would be applicable to lots with a frontage on the following portions of Broadway, Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues:
  • Special Enhanced Commercial District – 2 includes Amsterdam Avenue bounded by 75th Street and 110th Street on the west side, excluding the blocks between 100th – 101st and 102nd-103rd streets, and bounded by 73rd and 87th streets, and 105th and 109th streets on the east side of the avenue; and
  • Columbus Avenue bounded by 72nd and 87th streets.

  • Special Enhanced Commercial District -3 includes Broadway bounded by 72nd Street and 110th Street on the west side, and 74th Street and 110th Street on the east side.
Time will tell if this new zoning plan will help or hurt the neighborhood and businesses in the neighborhood and/or potential new businesses.

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