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Beloved Riverside Park on the Upper West Side

Riverside Park stretches over four miles along the Hudson River from 62nd to 158th Streets, the 330 acres of Riverside Park provide recreation and relaxation for a uniquely diverse population.
Riverside Park/Riverside Drive
Riverside Park is widely regarded as Manhattan's most spectacular waterfront park. As one of only 10 officially designated scenic landmarks in the City of New York, it has a long and storied history.
Riverside Park/ Bike Trails
Rugged bluffs and rocky outcroppings created through prehistoric glacial deposits once descended directly to the Hudson River shore. They were densely wooded until 1846, when the Hudson River Railroad cut through the forested hillside.
Riverside Park/ Dog Run
Today it is enjoyed by all through it's many playgrounds, bike paths and dog runs.
Riverside Park/Playground
In 1865 a scenic drive and park was built on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The development of the park encouraged the construction of mansions along the drive. Monuments placed along the drive during this era included Grant's Tomb (1897), Soldiers and Sailors Memorial (1902), Firemen's Memorial (1913), and Joan of Arc (1915).
Riverside Park/Soldiers and Sailors
In 2000, seven acres of land stretching from 68th to 72nd Streets was added to Riverside Park, called Riverside Park South. This section of the park now known as the Joe DiMaggio Highway, and Trump Place (the site's developers).
Riverside Park/Trump Place
Riverside Park South includes a soccer field, three basketball courts, and a public pier extending 750 feet into the Hudson River.

At 79th Street is The Boat Basin and The Rotunda a hidden Manhattan treasure that many New Yorkers enjoy once they discover the hidden treasure below the west side highway.
Riverside Park/ Rotunda
Recreational facilities include a range of sports courts and fields, a skate park, a large portion of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway (for bicycles), and the 110-slip public marina at 79th street, The 79th street Boat basin an important part of New York State's Water Trail.
79th Street Boaty basin

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