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Brooks Brothers at Broadway and 87th St.

2381 Broadway bet 87th/88th
Brooks Brothers new Upper West Side location

The vacant space, where both Saigon then Malaysia Grill once occupied will become a Brooks Brothers store.

The block between 87th and 88th on Broadway has been vacant since 2007. This summer Ricky's moved in followed by a Japanese Gap style retail chain Uniqlo that opened in August with fake snow in the window.

The Japanese retailer closed and was gone by the end of September.

The Gap at 2373 Broadway between 86th and 87th at The Boulevard is closing in February and Filenes Basement at Broadway and 79th is closing in January.

In 2010 Forbes ranked New York, NY 10024 on Upper West Side #32 most expensive zip code in the country (median home: $2,486,757 - up 6% from 2009)

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