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Living Green at Home in Manhattan

Living Green at Home in Manhattatan
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Do you incorporate “green living” into your home?  
54% Yes ( Corcoran’s Consumer Report 2011)

 Consider these suggestions to make your home a more eco-friendly environment.

  • Take off your shoes when you get home! Did you know that 80% of indoor air pollutants are tracked in off the streets?
  • When painting, only use low or zero voc (volatile organic compound) paints. If you can smell it, it is toxic.
  • Only use cleaning products made from safe, natural and non-toxic ingredients.
  • Buy local, seasonal and organic. Visit to locate your nearest farmers market.
  • Swap out incandescent bulbs for warm tone CFL’s (try the 2700k or an LED alternative).
  • Refinish wood floors with low-voc urethane or water based floor finish.
  • Use low–voc caulk, sealant, and grout in bathrooms & kitchens.
  • If replacing floors, use cork, marmoleum, bamboo, FSC certified or reclaimed wood.
  • If replacing carpets, use natural, sustainable, recycled and/or long lasting fibers.
  • Consider kitchen countertops made from a variety of recycled materials.
  • Install low flow taps, showerheads and toilets.
  • Buy FSC-certified furniture or go vintage.
  • Have a garden? Capture rain water for re-use and feed your plants with eco-fertilizers.
  • Use organic linens & towels and make sure the dyes used are also safe and natural.  Replace and clean air filters.
  • Make sure your windows, doors, roofs, and basements are properly insulated.
  • Install light colored solar shades in windows to block and reflect the sun in the summer which will reduce your cooling costs too.
  • Install and use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning when you can.
  • Compost your food waste either with a countertop composter or start a building-wide initiative.
  • Designate a bike room or bike racks for your building.
  • Buy Energy Star appliances but remember to keep them maintained in order to reap their benefits.
  • Want a roaring fire? Save a tree and try an eco-friendly firelog.
  • Buy in bulk if you have the space. It saves money, energy and resources.
  • Nix the car and join a pay-as-you-go car membership club.
  • Don’t toss away – find someone who will “re-purpose” your no-longer-needed furniture, electronics, etc.
  • Forgo the dry cleaners and wash by hand or find your local CO2 cleaners or wet cleaner.
  • Pests are inevitable – skip the toxic fumes and use an eco-friendly exterminator.
  • Sign up for the NYCWasteLe$$, Apartment Building Recycling Initiative (ABRI) through to learn what’s recyclable and how to do it.
  • Unplug small appliances when not in use and plug electronics into a power strip for easy on and off - avoid phantom energy loss - your wallet will thank you.

If every one of us did just one thing on this would make a world of difference in our world.

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Mitchell Hall, Associate Broker

The Corcoran Group


  1. I thought these great tips on how to incorporate green living into your homes. I also thought I didn't speak as much to home owners and the importance of proper insulation as the most cost effective way to go green. Home owners should consider consulting with professionals to find solutions that they didn't know existed.


    Khalid David

  2. Wow, taking off the shoes when you get home- I thought is just something which symbolizes courteousness but then, it is indeed beneficial for a pollution-free home!

  3. David, Thanks. You are right insulation is very important. Consulting with professionals is a great idea.

    Minerva, Thanks for visiting. Who knew about taking off shoes at home? We learn something new everyday.


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