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Sherman Square - Upper West Side Coop Apartments

72nd Street Old Subway StationSherman Square - Upper West Side Apartments

Broadway and Amsterdam between West 71st Street and West 70th Street.

The small parcel of land, acquired by the city in 1849, was named for civil war General William Tecumseh Sherman (1820–1891) who resided nearby.  The saying “War is hell” is attributed to Sherman. His younger brother, Senator John Sherman (1823–1900) was the author of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890.

The parcel was reduced in size when 70th Street was opened from Eighth Avenue to Tenth Avenue, cutting through the block and carving out the traffic triangle. 

The old 72nd Street subway still operating has it's south entrance at Sherman Square. The Subway station and The Ansonia were built the same year.
One Sherman Square (201 West 70th Street) 
201 West 70th Street, One Sherman Square is a 42-story full-service coop with 378 Apartments built in 1972. Most of the apartments have balconies. Building features include Driveway; Garage; Garden; Fitness Room; Laundry Room; Rooftop Deck. 

Currently available apartments range from a $700,000 one-bedroom to $1.7 million + for 30th floor 2 bedroom 2 bath homes. Recent closed sales data include a Junior 4 sold for $820,000 and one bedroom sold for $575,000 to $740,000

Nevada Towers 
 Nevada Towers, a 30-story full service coop with 280 apartments is situated like an island between West 70th Street and West 69th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam. In the middle of the traffic triangle. 

Currently,  there are 9 apartments for sale at Nevada Towers ranging from a 406 square foot studio for $275,000 to approximately 2000 square foot 4 bedroom 3 bath for $1.45 million. Awesome views from many of the apartments because of the unusual location. Recent closed sale data includes 1 bedroom that sold from $430,000 to a low floor 4 bedrooms for $1,475,000.
New 72nd St Subway Staion 
The old 72nd street station is at Sherman Square and the new 72nd Street station is a Verdi Square. Both are operating today.

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