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Back to School: Manhattan Colleges and Universities

Columbia University, Morningside Heights campus
With a little help from their parents many new freshman NYU students moved into their Greenwich Village dorms this week, while a similar scenario took place at Morningside Heights as Columbia University students begin moving in to their dorms at Columbia University.

Both NYU and Columbia have been building real estate empires in their respective Manhattan neighborhoods. Both private non profit institutions have real estate holdings worth more than half a billion dollars. Both schools have been buying building and developing real estate to house students, faculty and expand their prestigious institutions.

New York City is an acedemic capital of the world and attracts students from all over the country and globe to its many fine colleges and Universities.

Washington Square, NYU, Greenwich Village

For many students coming from all over the country and world, Labor Day will be their first weekend living in the city. To all the new students entering NYU, Columbia and all the other fine undergraduate, graduate, law schools and med schools throughout NYC, I wish you all much success.

Parents from all over the country and abroad are investing in Manhattan real estate while their children are attending schools here. Many parents are buying condos for their adult children and for themselves and other family members. For many it is a great investment. Children get housing while in school and starting their careers, the parents get a great asset and a pied-a-terre in Manhattan.

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