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Manhattan Brownstones

Brownstone Townhouses

New Yorkers lived in Townhouses during the 19th century.
19th Century Single Family Townhouses were made of Brownstone and Limestone.

The luxury apartment building was actually invented in New York in the late 19th century. In 1890 The Dakota was the first luxury apartment building in Manhattan. By 1930, 90% percent of Manhattanites lived in apartments.

West 88th Street Townhouse - Park Block

The Townhouse Market today is very desirable as single family homes and multi-family income producing rental buildings for investors.

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  1. I love the townhouse market. These place are great for a single family homes looking for uptown living. And, great for multi-family to supplement your mortgage cost by renting a few of your floors. We love to renovate these place to eco-friendly spaces. There are many possibilities when it come to brownstone.


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