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Zoning Handbook, The Ultimate Guide to NYC Zoning

The City Planning Commission released the new edition of the Zoning Handbook, the ultimate guide to understanding zoning in New York City.

With zoning and land use at the forefront of Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda for sustainable growth, the Handbook is a must-read to understand how City Planning is using zoning to shape the City’s future by building on the unique qualities of its neighborhoods.

The Handbook describes new zoning designations and regulations tailored to individual communities, including changes that have been used to promote development in areas well served by mass transit, biking, improved streetscape, public space and waterfront public park design, cleaner air and water, and better access to fresh food for underserved areas.

During the Bloomberg Administration, more than 9,400 blocks – equal to one-fifth of the city – have been rezoned.

* A chapter focuses on new and revised zoning initiatives, such as Waterfront Design Guidelines to foster inviting public spaces at the water’s edge. It also outlines the unique FRESH Food Stores initiative to promote new neighborhood grocery stores in under-served areas, explains regulations in the new Lower Density Growth Management areas and provides information about the Inclusionary Housing Program, an incentive which is a key component of the City’s efforts to create and preserve affordable housing.

* Details about requirements for landscaping parking lots and providing secure bicycle parking in new buildings.

* A chart that explains the public land use review process.

* Details about six new zoning designations developed since the last Handbook to manage growth and preserve the character of neighborhoods.

* Information on 16 new Special Districts, including the St. George District on Staten Island, the Harlem River Waterfront Special District in the Lower Concourse and the Coney Island Mixed-Use District, as well as the Special West Chelsea District which facilitated the preservation of the High Line, New York’s most exciting new park, and development of a new residential neighborhood.

* Updates for all zoning designations regarding new parking and streetscape requirements.

* A signs chapter with a simple chart that clearly indicates what size and type sign can be erected where.

* An expanded glossary with more illustrations now located at the end of the book for easy reference.

For more information about the Zoning Resolution, to view zoning maps, information on the land use review process, or to mail-order a copy of the Handbook, please visit

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  1. This is a terrific resource for brokers and home-buyers alike! Zoning rules and regulations in any major city, especially New York, can be complicated. We often have to make clients aware of the zoning restrictions in their area as it relates to parking or their children biking around in the summertime. Having this kind of guide-book will go a long way in keeping everyone in the city on the same page.



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