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West End Avenue Proposed Historic District

West End Avenue - Upper West Side - Manhattan

After years of campaigning to designate West End Avenue a historic district WEPS (West End Preservation Society) announced a newly proposed area designation as defined by the Landmarks Preservation Commission on September 15, 2010.

New Map Unveiled: Proposed Historic District Includes:
Download West End Avenue Historic District Map

West End Ave: 70th - 107th Sts

Riverside Drive: 70th - 109th Sts

Parts of Broadway (WS): 70th - 109th Sts

Much of the Cross Streets: 70th - 109th

from RSD to West Side of Broadway

This district is larger than previous proposals. Due to the enormity of the area proposed, a total of 790 buildings, the LPC will divide the district and the hearings into 3 geographical areas, extending the existing historic districts. The Upper West Side already boasts some 2,035 landmarked buildings.

By expanding the existing districts, the commission will also protect more buildings on the side streets.
The next step is for the LPC to place the proposal on a calander for a public hearing.

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