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In Memory of Laurie Manny

It is with deep sadness that I'm writing this post. Laurie Manny, a friend and wonderful human being died an untimely death this week.

Laurie, a native New Yorker has been a real estate broker in Long Beach California since 2001. I met Laurie through blogging. She encouraged and inspired me from her first comment.

Mitchell - What wonderful material you have to write about.  
The only thing I miss about New York, is Manhattan.  I adored it.  I just went back through your many posts and find myself almost needing to get onto a plane and come back for a visit, for a fix.  Great Stuff,
Thank You,


Laurie quickly became the queen of the real estate blogosphere. She mastered the art of SEO (search engine optimization) by staying up late reading and learning and implementing it.

I would post a blog in the morning New York time and Laurie was still up and would leave a comment. Seeing her face and her kind comments made my day. Laurie wrote and published the blog and

Her blog is listed on the nyc Blog estate blog roll under Long Beach Real Estate - Downtown Long Beach Condos. The anchor/link text keywords that she wanted because she knew SEO.

In fact, the reason the blog roll on this blog is not on the home page is because Laurie advised me that google preferred back links deep in the blog and the anchor text had to be related to the content because google penalizes for too many too fast and unrelated back links.

I never was much interested in SEO. When I write blog posts, I don't think about key words and meta tags, I just write about Manhattan but I gained SEO knowledge and tips just from knowing Laurie.

It is believed Laurie died of Salmonella poisoning from contaminated eggs. She missed a listing appointment. Laurie would never miss an appointment unless something was wrong. She was found in her home. Life is too short. We never got to have a slice of pizza at Ray's when she came to NY.

We lost a friend, colleague and mentor but the planet lost a wonderful, strong, kind person. My thoughts and prayers are with her parents, brother and sister in New York and their families.

RIP Laurie Manny

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