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Schwab House: Upper West Side Coop Goes Green

Schwab House, a post war (built 1951) coop building located at 11 Riverside Drive has upgraded to a clean-burning natural gas combined heating and power (CHP) system, which will increase fuel efficiency and yield substantial savings for the building.

The $1.6 million CHP system installation was made possible through a $402,000 award from the New York State Energy Research and development authority (NYSERDA) as part of its shared savings program. CHP also known as cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of heat and power through a single process. It uses heat that would be wasted in conventional power generation to provide hot water and heat for parts of the building.

The newly installed unit is projected to save the building nearly $80,000 annually in utility costs and will decrease the amount of electricity demand by 30 percent.

Upper West Side NY State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal assisted the building manager and board President by navigating the project through the approval process.

For more information about partnering with NYSERDA on energy efficiency projects on the Upper West Side contact Assemblymember Rosenthal's office at 212-873-6368


  1. There are many green options for window treatments being made available too. Certain blinds, drapes and shades can increase energy efficiency by preventing heat loss.

  2. Everything is turning green now. Well that's a good news for environmentalist.

  3. Everything turning green means good news for everybody's wallets too. Sometimes the savings are realized in less than a year. The jobs that will be generated through energy efficiency retrofits are good news too. KB is on the right track. If you can implement "low hanging fruit" energy saving measures like reflective coatings or "treatments" on South and West facing windows your cooling dollars will be reduced. I'm paying 60 bucks a month for electricity: family of four upper west side computers and TVs, DVR's, power strips and Energy Star Appliances, some people told me they thought that was good.

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