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Green Condo Buildings in Manhattan

The Future is Now!
Green technology and space age designs are currently under construction throughout Manhattan.

High Line 23 or HL23 (shown above) is a new green building from Neil M. Denari Architects that is currently under construction in the West Chelsea art gallery district at West 23rd Street and 10th Avenue.

The structure is a 14 floor mixed use of gallery space and condominiums with amazing views of the new High Line elevated park preservation and green space reuse project.

The condo will include nine floor-through apartments ranging in size from about 1,850 square feet to 2,600 square feet. Prices range from $2,750,000 to $10,500,000 for the 3700 square foot penthouse duplex unit with a terrace.

LEED certified homes combine systems that together create a holistically green building that is much more than energy savings. Energy, indoor air quality, water consumption, sustainable sites, landscaped roofs all create an envornmentally friendly building.

To receive LEED certificate a building has to earn 26 of 69 points on a scale created by the (LEED) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, the country's most popular green benchmark. Certification of silver, gold or platunum can happen up to a year after the building is completed. Green buildings are required to be 14 per cent more efficient than regular building codes dictate. can provide more information about what to look for in a green home.

Green buildings in Manhattan:
The Visionaire: 70 Little Street, Battery Park City *(LEED Platinum)Riverhouse: One Rockefeller Park, Battery Park City *(LEED Gold)The Brompton: 205 East 85th Street, Upper East Side *(LEED Silver)The Harrison: West 76th Street, Upper West Side *(LEED Silver)High Line 23 or HL23: 515-717 West 23rd Street, Chelsea (LEED Gold)The Kalahari: 40 West 116th Street, Harlem *(LEED Silver)1400 on 5th: 1400 Fifth Avenue, Harlem *(LEED level pending)
Millenium Tower Residences: 30 West St. BPC (LEED Gold rating )

The Lucida: 151 East 85th Street, Upper East Side *(LEED Silver)

(search 'green' on search this blog for updated information)
If you're thinking about living in a new green luxury condo click my new developments page submit the buyer form and write "green" in the comment section. I will send you current email listings of green condos that match your buying criteria.

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  1. Here's what I don't understand: how can a building with a glass exterior (such as the Lucida, or the building in the picture) be good for the environment? Doesn't glass allow in a great deal of heat in the summer, necessitating lots of air conditioning?!

  2. Great Question. I'm really not an envoronmental expert but many of these buildings are marketing that they are "trying for LEED certification" It might be too early in the process because they can't get the LEED certificate until after the building is completed. They have to earn 26 of 69 points on a scale created by the (LEED) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. You make sense about the use of glass but glass might also include a solar panel storing the energy.

  3. "Green" buildings built with all-glass facades pose a real conundrum for the environmental movement. New, low-e glass nearly makes up for the heating/cooling challenges with its reduced need for artificial light, but poses a direct environmental danger to birds, who, unable to see glass, collide with all glass buildings in alarming numbers, even in dense urban areas like NYC. NYC Audubon has produced a guide to bird-friendly building design: the bird-safe building guidelines (available at


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