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City Planning Commission Approves Harlem Rezoning

NY-1 reported that The City Planning Commission approved a major rezoning plan for 125th Street today. The proposal would create condos, performing arts space, new hotels, and an office tower.

The rezoning would cover from 124th to 126th Street between Broadway and Second Avenue. The plan also calls for 2,500 units of housing, 500 of which would be for those earning less than $56,000 a year.

Supporters say the rezoning will revive the neighborhood's cultural identity, which they say has been threatened by unregulated development.

Opponents fear the neighborhood will lose its character to corporate chains, and worry that some residents could lose their homes.

The plan will now go to the City Council for approval.

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  1. probably will lose its character to corporate chains. Seems like an unnecessary project to me.


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