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Hot Doggery Endorses Bloomberg for President

Gray's papaya

At the intersection of Broadway and Amsterdam at West 72nd Street is the famous Hot Doggery Gray's Papaya.

I usually don't write about restaurants or food even though I love to eat. I try to stay away from politics as well.... But sometimes...

I can't help it - while not very healthy I still love a good Hot Dog with mustard and sauerkraut every once in a while.

Any one who turns on the TV, reads a newspaper or goes online these days can't help hearing about the "Horse Race" I mean the Presidential election campaign.

"Obama Wins", It's Over for Hillary", "Hillary Makes a Comeback" "It's Huckabee" "McCain is the Comeback kid"

What about Mike Bloomberg? Mayor Mike?

While CNN, MSNBC and FOX might have 24 hour predictions, pundits, political analysts, strategists, polling data and talking heads......

You heard it here first. FREE HOT DOGS on Inaugural Day at The famous Hot Doggery on the Upper West Side if Mike Bloomberg becomes President.

On my way back to my office yesterday and really hungry not only did I smell the Hot Dogs, I noticed they had a new sign in the window.

So here it is! The first endorsement for Mike Bloomberg. It's not from a union or industry lobby. No PAC Money bundled for billionaire Mayor Mike. He has his own money.

Just a good old fashioned non partisan New York Hot Dog vendor endorsement!

Mike Bloomberg for President

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  1. Good for Gray's Papaya! I'm right there with them. I also support a run for president by Mike Bloomberg. We must break this two party system. Bloomberg is the best man for the job.


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