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Wachovia Upper West Side - Coop Equity

A new Wachovia Bank Coming Soon to 2330 Broadway on The Upper West Side has a sign in the window: CO-OP EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT

As low as Prime Minus 1.75%
For 3 Months Currently 6.50 APR
Bonus $100 Visa Gift Card

The bank branch will be opening in the space where The Time Cafe was located. While every vacant retail space in Manhattan seems to be either leased to a drug store chain or a bank these days it is nice to finally see a bank move into the neighborhood that "gets the neighborhood."

Most Upper West Siders live in coops. I congratulate Wachovia for offering a viable product that can help NYC coop owners.

While many of the new out of town banks do coop loans some of them still do not. Wachovia is the first one that I know of other than Chase and Citi to offer Home Equity Lines of Credit for Coops.

Maybe there are some others lenders but I don't know of them. Washington Mutual has been saying they are planning on offering them. If any one knows of any Banks that offer Home Equity Lines of Credit on NYC Coops other than Citi, Chase and Wachovia leave a comment and let us know.

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