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Harlem: New Residential Developments

The Kalahari
40 West 116th Street

The Kalahari will be covered in decorations inspired by South African Ndebele tribal designs. Adinkra symbols" and other African designs and markings will adorn the walls.

The 12 story building will contain an independent film center, education center and a gym.

Nearly half of the 249 planned condos have been set aside for moderate-income buyers.

The remaining market priced 129 unit condominium is more than 50% sold. Currently available are 2 and 3 bedroom units ranging from $700,000 to $1,585,000. The two tower building will be completed in early 2008.

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  1. This sounds like my kind of building; I can see why it's selling well.

  2. Hi Cleveland Carole,

    I forgot to mention it's "green"

    Eco-friendly systems, wind-energy, filtered air-delivery system, zip cars, etc

  3. It's amazing that Harlem real estate is so expensive, but is the pride still there. Leave it on the shelf, or wear your " I Love Harlem" t-shirt and sweatsuit, at

  4. Speaking of Harlem living, check out STRIVERS WEST CONDOS! WWW.STRIVERSWEST.COM. Great pricing and quality work. I hear they only have 4 left!


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