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The Upper West Side | Manhattan Neighborhood

Upper West Side| Manhattan Neighborhood

The Upper West Side boundaries are 59th Street to the South, 110th Street to the North, Central Park West to the East and the Hudson River to the West.

The Upper West Side neighborhood has a different spirit and outlook than the Upper East Side. The Upper West Side is known for its individuality, creativity, diversity and cultural pursuits.

The Upper West Side is home to some extraordinary buildings. Landmarks of Art Deco, Beaux Arts, or Gothic Revival architecture, the great celebrity apartment buildings of Central Park West.

Upper West Side zoning does not permit buildings to be taller than approximately 20 stories between 72nd and 96th Streets except the Art Deco Twin Tower buildings from the 1930's on Central Park West. The set back towers can go up to 30 floors

The Dakota, El Dorado, The San Remo Apartments, The Ansonia, The Oliver Cromwell, The Langham, The Kenilworth, Hotel Des Artistes, The Beresford and The Ardsley.

The San Remo Apartments & West 75th Street Brownstones

Central Park West, Riverside Drive and West End Avenue have always been known for their grand large apartments. The Upper West Side is a diversified neighborhood attractive to every demographic and lifestyle.

The Lincoln Center complex is home to the Metropolitan Opera and Julliard School of Music, Avery Fisher Hall, Alice Tully Hall, the New York City Ballet and the Vivian Beaumont Theater.
The American Museum of Natural History is located on a stretch of Central Park West and Columbus Avenue between 77th and 81st Streets.

The museum's new Hayden Planetarium is a galactic spectacular and is well worth the invested time.

Many new buildings and conversions have recently been constructed on the Upper West Side. including: The Chamberlain, The Belnord, 250 West 81 St,  555 West End Avenue. The Laureate

It is a true pleasure to walk along the Upper West Side and take advantage of the well established blocks, boutiques, and restaurants. The Upper West side is known for its food emporiums.

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