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Transit Update: New Bus Technology, New Subway Lines

How many times have you stood in the middle of the street at a bus top looking up or down or across looking for the bus. A new bus technology being implemented on city buses will end the nervous anticipation. The new technology will show dispatchers, buses and bus stops exactly what time the buses will arrive at a stop. The information will also be available on the MTA's webside which can be accessed by cell phones.

The long awaited 2nd Avenue subway might begin construction in a few weeks. The tunnel segments were actually built in the 70's before funding problems halted the project. Tunnel work is about to begin again. A $333 million contract will be awarded in a few weeks.

It will be called the "T" line running from 63rd Street to 96th street. Eventually the Second Avenue subway will run from 125th Street to the Financial District in lower Manhattan. However, that will be many many years away. The first phase is not expected to be operating until 2013.

The # 7 extension although somewhat controversial because of the redevelopment of The Hudson Rail Yards is scheduled to begin soon as well. The extension will add a new station at 11th Avenue at 34th St. at The Jacob Javitz center. A partial station is planned to accomodate future expansion at 10th Avenue at 43rd St. Residents of Hells Kitchen want the station at 10th and 43rd built now while funding from municipal bonds exist. Service tracks to 23rd Street are planned with possible future service to West Chelsea at the popular Chelsea Piers.

Future High Line Park

Of course there are already elevated tracks along 10th Avenue that connects Hells Kitchen, West Chelsea and the Meatpacking District but those tracks "The High Line" are being turned into an elevated public park. Funds for the High Line park are coming from the Federal Transportation Bill. Views vs. Convenience? The Caledonia the first luxury condo with an entrance to the High Line park scheduled for Fall 2008 closings is already almost all sold out.

Bobby Cuza reported last night on "In Transit" program.


  1. The Caledonia being almost sold out is proof of the importance of continued upkeep and upgrading of public transportation in cities.
    And I love the new 'notification' process for next scheduled bus arrivals. That is fantastic Mitchell!

  2. Carole, You missed my point. The Caledonia is being built with views and and entrance to the High Line park. The rail tracks are not being used for transportation but for a public park instead. It is actually not that convenient to transportation. 17th Street & 10th Avenue.


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