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Go Green


In spite of the recent cold weather, has this record-making, warm winter made you wonder?

If you're thinking about easy ways to be "green", here are some simple ideas that might actually save you money. suggests the following:
  1. Recycle according to your building's guidelines.
  2. Unplug "ghost appliances such as VCR or a coffee maker when you're not using them. Believe it or not, left plugged, these appliances take up energy. You'll actually save on your electric bill. And when buying appliances, look for the "Energy Star" label.
  3. Most notably, Con Ed offers green power to find out more, go to: They are offering a $25 rebate to sign up with this eco-friendly alternative.
  4. And finally, take mass transit whenever possible.

For the ultra "green" enthusiastic, has a downloadable map with information about organic dining, where to buy recycled or organic items such as linens and transportation choices around New York. For instance, it mentions OZOcar which calls itself NYC's 1st eco-friendly car service with hybrid cars. (877-OZO-5966) or ...when mass transit isn't possible.

For home renovations, go to, where you can purchase green building materials such as paint, countertops, flooring, cleaning supplies, etc. The has useful, practical everyday living information.

And finally if you're ready to live in a new "green" luxury condo recently built or currently under construction from Harlem to Battery Park City - go to my new developments page on my website fill out the buyer form and write "green" in the comment section. I will send you email listings of "green" condos that match your buying criteria.


  1. Mitchell, love the tip about saving money by unplugging vcr's and appliances. It's a concept my parents utilized and I abandoned as old fashioned. You have pointed out the error of my ways. The website for green products is excellent. Thanks for pointing these out. Energy Star is considered a top rating for new construction and rehabbing of condos and people who want to be a positive green influence can find out all about that from you I am sure. Great ideas here

  2. Thanks Carole, I just posted. I admit I don't unplug my coffee maker either. I understand an Iron uses up a lot of energy. Who knew? The tips came from Dana Williams from our Concierge department.


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