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Dec 31, 2013

Banner Year for NYC RE Ends | Happy New Year 2014

2013 was a banner year in NYC real estate. It's been a great year for seller's. Lowest inventory in NYC history. While all indications point to a continuation in 2014, the end of 2013 marks the end of an era. The Bloomberg real estate era.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg became mayor 3 months after 9/11/2001. Lower Manhattan came roaring back. Since September 11, 2001, the number of people living in Lower Manhattan has nearly doubled. In fact, Lower Manhattan has added more people over the past 12 years than Atlanta, Dallas and Philadelphia combined.

Our city’s rapid economic recovery was the result of strong leadership at all levels of government (local, state and federal) and the resilience of all New Yorkers who were determined to come back from this unthinkable event stronger than ever.

Today Lower Manhattan is full of new housing, restaurants, hotels, bars, parks, schools, open spaces and new businesses big and small. Upper Manhattan including Harlem is thriving too. Neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn are thriving.

West Chelsea from 10th Avenue to 11th Avenue, from 16th Street north to 30th Street, is booming with new condo developments that have transformed the neighborhood into a fashionable destination. Most of the new developments are around the High Line. New condos with park views.

MTA Railyards in the Hudson Yards district was the single largest piece of undeveloped property in Manhattan and will be the biggest development that has been realized since Rockefeller Center. Manhattan's newest neighborhood, Hudson Yards will accommodate over 13 million square feet of commercial and residential space, development at the Railyards will transform the landscape of Manhattan and dramatically alter the City’s skyline.

I bid farewell to Mike Bloomberg and I welcome the new mayor Bill de Blasio. I hope he is as successful a mayor as Bloomberg was including his vision for affordable housing.  Lets hope he delivers on his promises and will build or preserve affordable units for the middle class and will continue in the right direction.

No matter who is mayor or what year it is currently well priced properties will continue to fly off the shelf in bidding wars. Buyers are enthusiastic yet cautious. Even in a low inventory environment, over priced properties will be over looked.
Good bye 2013. Happy New Year 2014 to all.

Jan 18, 2008

NYC Mayor to extend Property Tax Relief

While many New Yorkers are speculating whether or not Michael Bloomberg will run for President, he says he's not. He is focused on the city's business.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg delivered his seventh annual State of the City address yesterday in Queens, outlining his plans to expand an already sweeping second term agenda while making the tough spending decisions that an uncertain economy requires.

The Mayor Announced that the Administration will:
  • Include an extension of the 7 percent across-the-board property tax cut in next week's preliminary budget;
  • Continue tax relief with a $400 property tax rebate to all homeowners;
The 7 percent cut was passed when the city had an estimated $4 billion in surplus, from record profits on Wall Street and real estate tax revenues from the "hot" real estate market.
Bloomberg's 7 percent property tax cut was a one-year reduction that would only continue if the city could afford it. However, he also built the reduction into every year of the city's four-year financial plan.
One of my first blog posts from July 2006 was about the city's budget surplus from fiscal 2006. I remember the Mayor saying that he expected real estate tax revenues to decline since he thought property values would go down about 10% in 2006 from from 2005.
Mayor Bloomberg prepared for the tax revenue decline by saving a portion of the surplus for future budgets when the local economy will not be as strong. While property values did decline in 2006 they went back up in 2007.
While the budget and tax cuts are still preliminary most real estate professionals, elected officials, home owners and new buyers are hoping the Mayor will be able to balance the budget and keep the property tax cut still in place.
For the complete Press Release

Jan 11, 2008

Hot Doggery Endorses Bloomberg for President


Gray's papaya

At the intersection of Broadway and Amsterdam at West 72nd Street is the famous Hot Doggery Gray's Papaya.

I usually don't write about restaurants or food even though I love to eat. I try to stay away from politics as well.... But sometimes...

I can't help it - while not very healthy I still love a good Hot Dog with mustard and sauerkraut every once in a while.

Any one who turns on the TV, reads a newspaper or goes online these days can't help hearing about the "Horse Race" I mean the Presidential election campaign.

"Obama Wins", It's Over for Hillary", "Hillary Makes a Comeback" "It's Huckabee" "McCain is the Comeback kid"

What about Mike Bloomberg? Mayor Mike?

While CNN, MSNBC and FOX might have 24 hour predictions, pundits, political analysts, strategists, polling data and talking heads......

You heard it here first. FREE HOT DOGS on Inaugural Day at The famous Hot Doggery on the Upper West Side if Mike Bloomberg becomes President.

On my way back to my office yesterday and really hungry not only did I smell the Hot Dogs, I noticed they had a new sign in the window.

So here it is! The first endorsement for Mike Bloomberg. It's not from a union or industry lobby. No PAC Money bundled for billionaire Mayor Mike. He has his own money.

Just a good old fashioned non partisan New York Hot Dog vendor endorsement!

Mike Bloomberg for President


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