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Jun 14, 2016

New Development 268 West 87th St. The Chamberlain


269 West 87th Street, rendering by FxFowle Architect

268 West 87th St. The Chamberlain a 39-Unit Residential Condo on Upper West Side

A new 17 story story residential luxury condo is being planned at 269 West 87th Stree on the upper west side. The current building is a parking garage.

Current site 269 West 87th Street

A new 17 story story residential luxury condo is being planned at 269 West 87th Street on the upper west side. The current building is a parking garage.The 115,884-square-foot building, The Chamberlain, will feature apartments ranging from two- to five-bedrooms. Residential units are expected to average 2,574 square feet each, and will include townhouse and penthouse layouts. 

Two duplexes will fill the first two floors, followed by a full-floor unit on the second and three apartments each on the third through 11th floors. The 12th through 14th floors will host two units each, topped by three full-floor penthouses on the final three stories.

Entrance of 269 West 87th Street. Rendering by FxFowle Architects

The structure will also be set back after the 11th floor, creating large private balconies for residents on the 12th, 13th and 14th floors .

Amenities will include a central garden, a lounge, a library, a fitness center, a playroom, a multi-purpose sports court, storage for 39 bikes, and an underground parking garage. Quadrum Global and Simon Baron Development are the developers, and have a 99-year lease on the site. FXFOWLE Architects is behind the design. Demolition permits were filed for the existing three- and seven-story parking garages.

Apr 24, 2016

Belnord Upper West Side Condo Conversion


 Belnord | 225 West 86th Street
The Belnord – the handsome, century-old landmark residential complex in the heart of the Upper West Side at 225 West 86th Street is officially going condo with a total price tag of $1.3 billion according to the Real Deal.  The Belnord conversion may become one of Manhattan's most expensive condo buildings. Apartments are expected to average in price around $6million.

The Belnord, a limestone-and-brick structure that stretches the entire square block between 86th Street and 87th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, was built in 1908 by the Astor family. The building is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It was designed so that carriages could drive around the entire courtyard, which has canopied entrances at the four angled corners.
The Astor courtyard buildings (Apthorp Apartments) (The Astor) were built in conjunction with the IRT subway expansion to lure wealthy Manhattanites into apartment living from their elegant single family brownstone townhouses. 

They've increased enormously in value since they were built in the early 20th-century. John Jacob Astor on his deathbed in 1848 was asked if he had any regrets he replied: "
If I could live all over again, I would buy every square inch of Manhattan."

Photos ©Mitchell J Hall
The price came out to roughly $1,000 per square foot or $2.64 million for each of the 218 units, many of which contain original moldings and overlook the building’s central courtyard.
According to the offering plan, the condominium will have 213 residential units. The developer’s plans for rent-regulated units are unclear. Parking is not included in the plan.
The Belnord’s 213 condo apartments will average in price range to around $6.1 million.
Prewar condo apartments can command a premium since there are so few compared to new construction. 

Anticipated sales target date Q2-2017. Anticipated Occupancy planned for Q1 2018

Feb 10, 2016

Residential Pools on the Upper West Side


While there are many apartment buildings on the Upper West Side only a select few condos and condops have swimming pools since most upper west side building are pre-war coops. 

Many modern post-war buildings developed since the 1980's have indoor pools. For many buyers a pool is a priority amenity. Today there are more pools in luxury condos and condops than ever before.

I was recently asked what buildings have indoor swimming pools on the Upper West Side. I'm re-posting this popular blog originally published October 3, 2011.  

Built 2011

The Aldyn Residences, Athletic Club and Spa includes 40,000 square feet of amenities overlooking the Hudson River including a 75' Swimming Pool and Hot Tub.

Apartment 2102 is currently for sale asking $16.900,000 (updated 12/15/2012)

Features 13 rooms, 7 bedrooms, 9.5 baths and your own private pool, 15 x 37, plus spa tub on the sun-drenched terrace of 3,800 square feet.

Built 2010

the Rushmore Pool

The Rushmore
LaPalestra Well Center

75' swimming pool

The four Trump Place condominium buildings have health clubs with pools.
120, 200, 220, 240 Riverside Boulebard
Built 200 -2004
Trump Place

The Alexandria - 200 West 72nd Street at Broadway -
Full Service Condo - Health Club, Pool, Hot Tub
Built 1991
The Alexandria -201 West 72nd POOL

The Alexandria -201 West 72nd POOL

The Bromley
225 West 83rd Full service condo built 1988
health club with pool
The Bromley _ Upper West Side
The Bromley Pool

The Boulevard 2373 Broaway
at 2373 Broadway, - Built 1989
The Boulevard is a full service luxury Condop.

Two level Health club with 75' Boulevard Pool

The New West
250 West 90th Street at Broadway - Built 1986
Full Service condo with rooftop pool
Full service condo, 21 floors, 185 apartments, rooftop pool and health club
The New west 250 W 90th at Broadway

New West

535 West End Avenue
at 86th Street
Full Service Luxury Condo Built in 2010
535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue POOL

The Columbia
275 West 96th Street at Broadway - Built 1983
Full service condo, 35 floors, 302 apartments, garage, health club pool.
The Columbia - 275 west 96th Street at Broadway POOL
The Columbia - 275 West 96th Street at Broadway

The Ariel (East and West)
Broadway at West 99th Street - Built 2006
The Ariel East and West, Broadway at 99th St.
Ariel Condos East & West POOL

The Ariel West and the Ariel East. Ariel East - Fitness center, pool

courtesy of:
Mitchell Hall, Associate Broker
The Corcoran Group
P (347 921-4255

Nov 29, 2015

UWS Skyline Future | Zoning Vote Monday

Nearly 40 community boards across the city and the Bronx Borough President had voted against Mayor de Blasio's zoning proposals... but he still says they will move ahead.

The next critical vote on Mayor de Blasio's proposed zoning amendments (called "Zoning for Quality & Affordability" and "Mandatory Inclusionary Housing") is about to take place -  Monday November 30th the day after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 
Central Park West Skyline: Potential Future Tower Development


Landmark West, The Committee to preserve the Upper West Side is urging it's members and the community to contact Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Community Boards (who comprise the Manhattan Borough Board) immediately! Urging them to "stand against developer-driven height increases that would transform the character of our city's neighborhoods by allowing out-of-scale buildings, eliminating existing affordable housing and pushing out small businesses"

Upper West Side zoning currently does not permit buildings to be taller than approximately 20 stories between 72nd and 96th Streets except the Emery Roth Art Deco Twin Tower buildings from the 1930's on Central Park West. The set back towers can go up to 30 floors.
Central Park West, reflected in lake 1932
Source: Gottscho, Samuel H, photographer. Courtesy of Gottscho-Schleisner Collection (Library of Congress)

Architect and historian Robert A.M. Stern called buildings like these "…a chain of monumental gateways to the West Side…a testament to the low-scale Classical urbanism of the City Beautiful movement." (letter dated January 13, 1984)  

LANDMARK WEST! asked BFJ Planning to review Mayor De Blasio's City Planning proposals "Zoning for Quality and Affordability" and "Mandatory Inclusionary Housing".  Click here for a copy of their full critique.


Hon. Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President 
Phone: (212) 669-8300

Manhattan Community Board 7
Phone:  212-362-4008

Aug 25, 2015

On the Market | Upper West Side

There are currently 624 active apartments for sale on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Ranging in price from $75,000,000 for PH-26C  a 6 bedroom 5 bath home at 145-146 Central Park West (The San Remo) to $250,000 for a 1 bedroom 1 bath home at 46 West 71st Street.

The average price is $3,818,562. The median price is $1,850,000. The average price per square foot is $2,433. Average Days on market 126.

Jun 25, 2015

Riverside-West End Historic District Extension II Approved

One June 23rd The Landmarks Preservation Commission designated a new historic district that includes more than 300 buildings on the Upper West Side by approving Riverside-West End Historic District Extension II.

West End Avenue- Riverside Drive Hudson River (photo ©Mitchell Hall)
The Riverside-West EndHistoric District Extension II derives from its two spines: Riverside Drive and West End Avenue. Both corridors have a remarkably homogeneous character and are lined by large apartment buildings creating a strong street wall, with some small clusters of row houses and mansions dating the area’s earlier periods of development. The side streets knit together the two great avenues, and are lined with architecturally significant row houses, mansions, and other residential buildings.

With the exception of some neighborhood oriented institutional buildings (including schools and religious structures), the proposed historic district is almost exclusively residential. The new district consists of approximately 344 residential and institutional buildings built primarily between the mid- 1890s and the early 1930s.

These buildings represent the various phases of development that transformed the once rural area between West 89th Street and West 108th Street west of Broadway into a dense urban enclave of speculatively built single-family dwellings and grand high-rise apartment buildings. In its broad array of residential building types the Riverside West End Historic District Extension II represents the development of the Upper West Side of Manhattan since the 1890s.

Designed by some of the city’s most prominent architects and executed in the dominant styles of their eras, these buildings form a distinct section of the city that complements the previously designated Riverside-West End and Riverside-West 105th Street Historic Districts. Throughout the extension, there are picturesque ensembles in the Renaissance Revival, Romanesque Revival, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Beaux-Arts styles in brownstone and/or brick with decorations in terra-cotta or copper.

312 West 101st Street
One such example is the c. 1900 group at 312 West 101st Street. Within the rows a rhythmic pattern was often established by the applications of elements such as bow fronts, bay and oriel windows, dormers, gables, and balconies.

At the same time, some of the same architects were hired by developers to design multiple dwellings known as flats. Early buildings were compatible in scale and materials with the neighboring houses but with the advent of the smaller, more practical electric elevator, larger buildings of six to nine stories covering multiple lots were constructed throughout the Riverside-West End Extension II.

 In the 20th century multiple factors contributed to the changing character of the Extension, particularly the rising cost of constructing and maintaining single family homes and the completion of the IRT subway in 1904.

The subway made the area accessible to the city’s growing population, and single-family houses and small flats less than 30 years old were demolished and replaced with apartment buildings of 12 to 15 stories on West End Avenue, Riverside Drive, and the large cross streets such as West 96th and West 106th Streets. This rapid transformation was rare in the development of the city.

945 West End Avenue

Rules established by the Tenement House Act in 1901 determined the form, massing, and maximum height of new residential buildings until 1929. These regulations contributed to the remarkably consistent height of apartment buildings—particularly along West End Avenue. The first of these were the c.1905 Stanley Court Apartments at 945 West End Avenue.

This designation brings total number of designated buildings between 70th and 108th St. and west of Broadway to 1255.
West End Avenue Facebook Page

Jun 2, 2015

Upper West Side History | Euclid Hall

(Photo credit: Vintage 

1906 Rolls Royce 30hp in front of Euclid Hall on Upper West Side, of Manhattan on Broadway between W 85th and W 86th Streets. Built in 1903 to take advantage of the new subway, which was built in 1904, the building had red brickwork with iron details. The first tenents were prosperous professional types and many families had live-in-servents.

(Photo credit:© Mitchell Hall 2015)
By the 1930's the neighborhood had changed and was a bit run down, the building was converted to single rooms as The Euclid Hall Hotel. 
Today the 273 SRO (single room occupancy) units provides permanent housing for persons with very low incomes, persons with experiences of homelessness, and pre-existing tenants.

Mar 4, 2015

UWS New Construction | 15 West 96th Street

15 West 96th Street, image by SLCE/Sackman Enterprises
YIMBY Revealed: 15 West 96th Street a new 22-story building, developed by Sackman Enterprises and designed by SLCE, will have five floors of community space topped by a residential amenity space and 16 condos
The Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District stops on the southern side of 96th Street, meaning 15 West 96th Street can proceed as-of-right, another rarity for new projects on the Upper West Side, which has some of the strictest land use rules in Manhattan.

Other than the duplex penthouse, each residence will take up one full floor. Because the development on West 96th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue falls on the north side of the street, just beyond the neighborhood's landmarks district, the project can be built as-of-right.


Jan 7, 2015

175 West 95th Street | UWS New Condo Conversion

175 West 95th Street
175 West 95th Street
New condo conversion development on Upper West Side originally built in 1971 - 27 floors with 226 apartments.
175 West 95th, a full service building, is located on a beautiful tree lined street just two blocks from Central Park. 
Creatively redesigned, this property offers studios, one, two and three bedroom residences most with private outdoor space and expansive views of both the city skyline and Hudson River. 
Current prices range from studio apartments starting at $630,000, One bedrooms starting at around $680,00 to 2 bedroom 2 bath 23rd floor apartment for $1,585,000 with various options in between.
175 West 95 Street is in the heart of the Upper West Side providing access to desired daily conveniences such as gourmet markets, great dining and many cultural attractions. Just minutes from many subway lines, 175 West 95th Street puts all of New York City within reach.
A tasteful contemporary sensibility has been applied throughout offering an incredible lifestyle opportunity. Amenities include a stunning new lobby with a full-time concierge, a glass enclosed residence lounge, an outdoor landscaped terrace with seating and a separate children’s play area, fitness center, and indoor playroom. 
Additional features of this new development include: Central laundry, fitness center , indoor playroom, landscaped terrace , outdoor play area, package room, resident's lounge.
In the conversion, the building's entrance was moved from Amsterdam Avenue to West 95th Street. 

175 West 95th is in the heart of the Upper West Side, conveniently near transportation, many new and vibrant restaurants, and gourmet shopping such as Whole Foods and The West Side Market.

Click here to receive new development listings or call me at 917-312-0924 or email me to schedule showings.

Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving


Sep 14, 2014

498 West End Avenue | Rentals to Condos

498 West End Avenue
498 West End Avenue

A century-old handsome limestone and brick rental building located between West 83rd and West 84th streets on West End Avenuue is converting from rental units to three to five-bedroom condominium residences designed by CetraRuddy.

West 84th Street | Edgar Allen Poe Ct

Approximate asking prices will start around $3 million and go up to more than $10 million. Sales are expected to launch this month. The building is expected to be completed by spring of 2015.

Included in the conversion will be a 4,000-square-foot rooftop addition that the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved. Developer Samson Management acquired the 12-story rental property in 2012 for $52.5 million.

Manhattan New Developments and Conversions 

Sep 12, 2014

New Construction: UWS | 210 West 77th Street

210 West 77th Street
 210 West 77th Street

An 18 story, 25 unit 1/2 floor and full floor condominium residences are being designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen for developer The Naftali Group.

Units range in price from $4.9 million to $12 million from 2,058 square feet, for 1/2 floor unit to a  4,919-square-foot 5BR/5.5BA "townhouse" duplex with a 1,280-square-foot terrace. 

There will also be a $10 million full-floor 4BR and a $7.05 million half-floor unit on the 10th floor. 

Building amenities will include a 24-hour doorman, roof terrace, fitness center, party room, and bike storage. The kitchen features Miele appliances, Everest Grey quartzite countertops and backsplashes, white lacquer cabinetry, 2 sinks, a separate wine cooler and a vented overhead fan. All units also have Whirlpool washer/dryers and 5" white oak floors.


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