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Central Park North Prison Conversion to Residential Apartments

 Lincoln Correctional Facility on West 110th Street
 (photo ©Mitchell Hall 5/31/19)   
Gov Cuomo announced that NY state will be closing the Lincoln Correctional facility on Central Park North at 31-33 West 110th Street in Harlem this fall as part of the 2020 state budget due to a drop in crime and a reduction in the state's prison population.

The facility originally built in 1914 as a branch of the Young Women's Hebrew Association (YWHA) was used for housing recently immigrated Jewish woman in need of assistance. In 1942 it was sold to the US Army and briefly used as a rest-and-relaxation center for local soldiers during World War II and later occupied by the experimental New Lincoln School and the Northside Center for Child Development before becoming a prison in 1976.

Having listed and sold many apartments on Central Park North, I've always been asked about the prison. My response has always been: "One day NY state will realize a building featuring some of the most spectacular views in the city shouldn't have boarded up windows."

The Harlem facility will be shut down and sold off within the next few months.  The sale is expected to be handled by the state agency Empire State Development. The spectacular  south facing Central Park views make the building a sought after property for residential development conversion for apartment rentals or sales.

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