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Manhattan Monthly Market Report | April 2015

Market Wide Summary

In April 2015 the condo and co-op markets showed further separation in supply/demand dynamics. In terms of pricing, the co-op market responded to the still falling supply and continuously strong demand with significant price gains. The condo market did not see the same annual price gains, due to a decrease in three+ bedroom sales, increasing supply, and high current asking prices.

Days on market decreased for coops while the figure increased for condos. Negotiability remains low in both markets, however this month co-ops saw a very tight market with an average sale price a fraction above the last asking price. Market-wide contracts signed were up 7% compared to last year. Despite a 3% increase in total inventory, buyers may be hesitant to list their units because replacement options are limited at affordable price points. While sales under $2M represent 72% of the market, listings under $2M make up just 57% of inventory.

Condominium Market Snapshot

The condominium market remained stable with price changes under 5% in either direction this month. While average price and average price per square foot continued to increase, median price decreased by 4% relative to April 2014. Three+ bedrooms represented a smaller market share this April compared to last April, down from 29% of sales to 23%.

The decrease in three+ bedroom sales is the main driver of the median price decrease and suggests average prices may have had stronger gains. Indeed, within bedroom categories all but one bedrooms showed price per square foot increases compared to last year. Despite fewer sales, three bedrooms saw the largest price gain, up 15% to $2,446 per square foot. Inventory continues to increase in the condo market and the listings are still skewing significantly more expensive than condo sales.

Cooperative Market Snapshot

Co-ops showed strength for sellers in every metric in April 2015. All prices increased by double digits, with a 22% increase in average price versus April 2014. Median and average price per square foot also increased, 12% and 13% respectively. Within bedroom categories two and three bedrooms saw the greatest price increases. Two bedroom units increased 17% to $1,343 per square foot this month. One bedrooms, as with the condo market, saw a decrease in average price per square foot.

Buyer negotiability in the co-op market has been very small for quite a while but it disappeared entirely in April, with the average unit selling 0.1% above its last asking price. Supply is constrained while demand remains strong; inventory decreased, year-over-year by 3% but contracts signed are up 4% versus April 2014. Days on market came down 8% from last year to 79 days.

Manhattan New and Total Listings

At 6,004 listings inventory is higher than it has been for the last four months. Spring typically sees strong inventory growth. This month a significant 2,459 new listings were added to the market, 14% more than were added in April 2014. Due to the large number of new listings, total inventory increased 14% since last month and a 3% increase versus April 2014. Despite the gains inventory is still low historically.

Within the co-op market, inventory remains at historic lows, with annual listing decreases every month. Co-ops continue to represent a smaller share of inventory than of sales; just 48% of listings are co-ops compared to 56% of sales.

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